Can I test drive Quality Window 5 before I buy it?

Yes – Download a full working demonstration version of Quality Window that will run for 30 days.  To help you maximize your test drive you should review the E-School presentations on the Busitech Website as well as visit our two Blogs, The Idea Factory, where we share innovative ways of using the Quality Window 5 product and this Self Help area […]

Do I need a license to run Quality Window 5?

Yes! You need a separate license for each computer that Quality Window 5 is running on. For example, if you have three production lines and want to run Quality Window 5 on each line, plus a copy in the Quality Control manager’s office, you need to purchase four licenses. It is against the law to […]

What are all the files that make up Quality Window Applications?

First, a QW Application is for a specific use or task – Example “Center Line Audit – Line 3 Size 6” or “Downtime Line 7” These applications would contain the necessary variables or elements as well as all definition data like specifications and targets to meet a specific application need. A QW Application is made up […]

How Do I Calculate the Time Difference Between 2 Variables?

Example: You have 2 variables (Start_Time (V3) and Stop_Time (V4)) The Start_Time & Stop_Time variables must be defined as Numeric with 2 decimal places. When entering data into the Start_Time & Stop_Time variables use a decimal between the hour and minutes. Example: 10:30 would be entered as 10.30 10:59 would be entered as 10.59 The […]

How do I to run a report on Monday to show how we did on Friday?

In QWAdmin – Applications Add a Calculated variable and use the @DOW[] function. This will return a value between 1 and 7 where 1 = Sunday and 7 = Saturday.  In Quality Window Create a View with: Date Filter set to: From: Beginning of Previous Week     To: End of Previous Week A Variable Filter set […]

The ‘Number of Questions to Ask’ for multi-level popups has changed to 1.

With the release of Quality Window Build an issue came to light that originated with a previous release of Quality Window. Symptom: When adding data in Quality Window a popup variable that used to ask more than one question is now asking only one question. Resolution: Using the latest version of QWAdmin ( or higher) check […]

Where Can I Store My Quality Window Data?

You can store your Quality Window data on any shared drive/folder that your users have create, read, write and update permissions. Note: Having a mapped network drive makes it easier to access.

Sending a Quality Window Application to Another User

When you have a Quality Window application, or more specifically a loaded View of an application that you would like to share with another user, there are several ways you could accomplish this: If the user is on the same network as you and has access to the Quality Window application folder, then you could […]

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