What are all the files that make up Quality Window Applications?

First, a QW Application is for a specific use or task – Example “Center Line Audit – Line 3 Size 6” or “Downtime Line 7” These applications would contain the necessary variables or elements as well as all definition data like specifications and targets to meet a specific application need. A QW Application is made up […]

How Do I Calculate the Time Difference Between 2 Variables?

Example: You have 2 variables (Start_Time (V3) and Stop_Time (V4)) The Start_Time & Stop_Time variables must be defined as Numeric with 2 decimal places. When entering data into the Start_Time & Stop_Time variables use a decimal between the hour and minutes. Example: 10:30 would be entered as 10.30 10:59 would be entered as 10.59 The […]

How do I to run a report on Monday to show how we did on Friday?

In QWAdmin – Applications Add a Calculated variable and use the @DOW[] function. This will return a value between 1 and 7 where 1 = Sunday and 7 = Saturday.  In Quality Window Create a View with: Date Filter set to: From: Beginning of Previous Week     To: End of Previous Week A Variable Filter set […]

The ‘Number of Questions to Ask’ for multi-level popups has changed to 1.

With the release of Quality Window Build an issue came to light that originated with a previous release of Quality Window. Symptom: When adding data in Quality Window a popup variable that used to ask more than one question is now asking only one question. Resolution: Using the latest version of QWAdmin ( or higher) check […]

Where Can I Store My Quality Window Data?

You can store your Quality Window data on any shared drive/folder that your users have create, read, write and update permissions. Note: Having a mapped network drive makes it easier to access.

Sending a Quality Window Application to Another User

When you have a Quality Window application, or more specifically a loaded View of an application that you would like to share with another user, there are several ways you could accomplish this: If the user is on the same network as you and has access to the Quality Window application folder, then you could […]

Quick Start on Automatic Collection of Plant Data

Whether you are trying to collect data from a DDE IO server or from an OPC IO server, the task can be daunting in the initial stage trying to determine the proper format of the DDE/OPC addresses. You’ve already watched the eSchool lesson QWSchedule – Automating Quality Window data collection and you know that the first step […]

Why am I getting a Date/Time Validation error when entering data in Quality Window?

When entering data in Quality Window the Date and Time must be greater than the date and time of the previous record and less than the current system date and time of the computer being used to enter the data. Possible reasons are: A bad Date/Time was entered manually Edit the oldest bad date and work forward until all the bad dates/times have […]

Archiving Quality Window Data

Quality Window is archived using the Move option in QWUtilities. The Move function is used to move, or archive, data from one Quality Window application into another Quality Window application. In order to use the Move function a Quality Window View must be pre-defined.   Options Description Keep Selected Data and Move Unselected Data to Archive Template The […]

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