Runtime Errors in Quality Window 5 and QWXL3

Runtime errors in Quality Window 5 and QWXL3 do happen on occasion. The most frequently reported runtime error is “429 ActiveX component can’t create object”. This error can occur in a number of different scenarios with the most common being product installation problems or a shared file being unregistered or uninstalled by another software product. The 429 error […]

How do I update my QW with a maintenance release?

Maintenance releases of the Quality Window products are placed on the Website periodically. All maintenance releases are free of charge to registered users of the Quality Window Products. It is important that all users at a site are using the maintenance release of the product. Before updating your version you should verify with your […]

How do I turn on Transaction logging and view the change log?

Transaction logging for a Quality Window application is activated using QWAdmin. QW stores this data in ASCII comma delimited format that matches the order and format of the variables as defined in QWAdmin.  The current value of each variable is stored in this file whether it has changed or not.  At the end of each […]

How do I create a default value in Quality Window?

To create a default value when data is added in Quality Window, Input and Output files are defined using QWAdmin. In QWAdmin: Open the application template Highlight the variable for which you wish to create a default In the Input File field enter a meaningful filename for the variable. In the Output File field enter the same filename Click […]

How do I change the date/time formats in Quality Window?

To change the format in which the Date/Time are displayed on the Quality Window Logsheet, go to the Options menu and select Date/Time Fomats. Date formats available: YYYY-MM-DD MM-DD-YYYY DD-MM-YYYY Time formats available: HH:MM:SS (24 hour format) HH:MM:SS a/p (AM/PM format) Note: The date and time are stored internally as YYYY-MM-DD and HH:MM:SS respectively. The above settings will only affect the display […]

Adding runtime Prompts to a filter statement

So you want to create a filter statement that will select specific data like a Batch, Lot, Run or Order number from a QW Application when you run a View.  The process is quite simple.  You can do it by clicking on the Filter Button on the Tool bar near the top of the screen […]

How do I enter my Quality Window License number that I received?

If you were using Quality Window in trial mode (30 day free trial) and have purchased a full Quality Window 5 license then you must Register the licence number in Quality Window.  First you should understand there are two types of licenses available for Quality Window. First is the single user license and this means […]

Where do I find Quality Window Version and License information?

If you require Busitech technical support you should first locate the Version and Licensing information and have it handy when you either send an e-mail or call us directly.  This information will help us provide you the quickest and most accurate solution to the problems you are encountering. To view this Version and License information […]

Using QWFilepack to send QW application files by e-mail

To simplify packaging Quality Window 5 application files for support or sharing reasons we have created a utility program called QWFilepack.exe. It is used to assemble all of the files related to a Quality Window 5 application into one compressed file so you don’t have to figure out which files are required. Please Note: Even though files like […]

How to reinstall the QWXL3 toolbar button in Microsoft Excel

If you cannot find or have lost the QWXL3 toolbar button in Microsoft Excel, follow these simple steps to get you working again. The QWXL3 addin and toolbar button can be enabled or disabled from the Microsoft Excel Add-Ins manager. If you are using a version prior to Microsoft Excel 12 (part of the Office 2007 […]

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