A Directory of QW5 Modules

You may be wondering what all those extra programs are for that are in the QW50 directory.  Typically you would only use the QW.EXE and QWAdmin modules.  The additional modules were created to accomplish specific tasks.  They can be used to create custom interfaces for QW 5 applications or Export QW 5 data to another […]

Using Directory Files

Directory Files are used to organize Quality Window application templates from different drives and folders into one central point of access. Directory Files are created in QWAdmin. To add a new Directory File click Create New Directory File. To edit an existing Directory file select the folder containing the Directory File(s) in the navigation panel at the bottom left. […]

Capturing data from multiple RS232 devices

Our utility program QWRS232 has the ability to connect to an RS232 enabled device and collect the data into a Quality Window application. But what if you have more than one device that you would like to collect data from? The only practical way of doing this is through scripting. When a user presses the […]

Is there hidden treasure in your corporate databases?

Good data is the basis for making all your important business decisions.  What if you had the data but just could to get at it or see it?  Vast quantities of data is hidden away in large corporate databases that are difficult to access for most people who wish to use the data. The QWSQLWizard […]

Seeing Data – a Bird’s Eye View or a View from 20,000 feet!

There are many phrases that describe an ability to stand back and take in a broad collection of data giving a new perspective on that data. Phrases like God’s Eye View, the view from 20,000 feet, your Mind’s Eye are ways of describing this look at data that may be too noisy to understand up […]

Using QWBackup

QWBackup is a utility program that can be used to archive Quality Window application templates.   Backup Files From    The fully qualified path to the Quality Window application(s).Applications from multiple folders are allowed. The wildcard character ‘*’ is allowed. Backup Files To The fully qualified path and Quality Window application(s). KeepLast The number of generations to keep […]

Lack of control on Product Fill Weights can be costly or even deadly!

A recent event of “Watered Down Chemo Drugs given to 1,200 cancer patients” in Ontario and New Brunswick was the result of adding too much saline to a product thus diluting the active drug by up to 20%. The problem was detected visually by a pharmacy technician in one of the affected hospitals. This issue could have […]

Is your critical data backed up properly?

You do not want to find out the hard way. A recent discussion with a customer about hard drive that contained all their QW 5 Application files was damaged the result of a power outage.  The customer was hoping there was some way of recovering the files – 5 years of production data.  We browsed […]

Prove your ROI before you buy!

What if you knew the benefits that you based your project’s return on investment (ROI) on were achievable before committing capital dollars to the project? Whether your project is for reducing scrap, defects or downtime, being able to prototype your solution and prove your benefits in advance is in itself a huge cost savings in […]

“You’re only as good as the sum of your parts” – LuluLemon found out the hard way!

Continuous Improvement means you also need to ensure your raw materials meet your specifications, too. There is a theoretical concept that states “You are only as good as the sum of your parts”! This became clear as day (pardon the pun) when athletic clothing retailer LuluLemon discovered a defect in their line of black yoga pants. The […]

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