The Evolution of mobile data collection with Quality Window

Change is constant…the pace of change is remarkable. Case in point, mobile GPS device manufacturer Garmin staked their claim to this arena and were truly the market leader. They flooded the market with new models almost every month to meet a storm surge of demand from consumers. Their share price went up and sales went […]

Security in Quality Window

In order to control access to Quality Window transactions there are two steps: Creation of the user security profiles Setting the Security Options Both steps are performed in QWAdmin (formerly QWSetup). Creation of the User Security Profiles In QWAdmin select Security. The security data screen is where the User Name, Password, Status, Expiry Date and User Identification […]

Why would You use Quality Window 5?

Here is an overview of some of the reasons our customers use QW 5.  See if any of them match your need. 1. A monitoring application – regular timed interval for sampling data – minimize variation and run to target  Process settings – make it same every time on a particular line  Quality variables – meet customer […]

How to Protect a Quality Window Variable

Setting the Required field to Protected is very useful for data that is brought into Quality Window automatically from a PLC, via RS232 or by using the Input File feature. To protected a Quality Window variable set the Required field to Protected in QWAdmin. This will prevent users from changing the data enter for the variable.

Runtime Error on Summary Screen

For Quality Window 5.0 builds prior to 767, the Summary screen will display a “runtime error 9: subscript out of range” error message if the template has the X-Axis field set to zero (0). This error has been resolved in Quality Window 5.0 build 767. To correct the error: Edit the template and set the X-Axis field […]

Using Views to set Specific Limits

Views in Quality Window can be used to set Targets and Limits specific to your need. Go to Views Manager Select Current Unsaved View and click Edit On the Variables tab double click the Variable for which you wish to change the Limits and Target Set the Limits Click OK On the Filtering tab Select the Variable to filter on Enter the Value […]

Getting the most out of your Control Limits

Control limits are very important tools in winning the battle against process variation.  First let’s look at the different limits available in Quality Window and their roles. Targets (green) – the value you would ideally like to maintain for quality, performance and cost reasons. Warning Limits (yellow) – these indicate values that are now closer […]

FDA 21 CFR part 11 – Meeting the regulated requirements!

The US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recently re-enforced its commitment to have all US Pharmaceutical Manufacturers comply with the criteria under which electronic records and electronic signatures are considered to be trustworthy, reliable and equivalent to paper records. The regulations extend to but not limited to,  drug makers, medical device manufacturers, biotech companies, biologics developers, and other FDA-regulated […]

Capturing data at its source via an RS232 interface

Many times we are asked if it is possible to collect data from a device and transfer it directly into a Quality Window application… the quick answer is yes.  Collecting data this way is ideal because it can greatly increase the accuracy of the data as well as decrease the time and effort.  It also […]

Certificate of Analysis from Quality Window Data

Certificates of Analysis were one of the first report-type documents that we developed that gave QW5 the power to produce reports for outside users, as the reporting form QW5 was always geared towards internal use. The power of collecting and analyzing data One of the benefits of collecting and using the data with Quality Window […]

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