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Sharing Quality Window Resource Files across multiple Users and Workstations

Notice:  In QW 5 Build number 800 and higher (Help About in QW 5 to find your build number)  a Shared Configuration Manager utility has been added  to allow easy management of resource files like Popups,Rules, Statistics, Units of Measure and Security databases and allow these files to be shared across all users of QW 5 in an […]

Commandline Installations

The process of installing Quality Window can be automated by creating a .BAT file. Note: Commandline Installations require Quality Window version or higher. Format: “drive:\folder\installer file“ /Silent /[NoPrompt]=TRUE /InstallDir=“install to drive\folder“/[LicenseNo]=licensenumber /[RegName1]=companynmame /[RegName2]=username Example: “C:\Downloads\QW50Setup.exe“ /Silent /[NoPrompt]=TRUE /InstallDir=“C:\Busitech\QW50“/[LicenseNo]=123-123245667890-123 /[RegName1]=Bedrock Quarries Ltd /[RegName2]=Fred Flintstone where:   Parameter Required Description “C:\Downloads\QW50Setup.exe“ Y The full path to the installer file /Silent N Use default selections […]

Adding a Timer to Your QW Downtime Application

A Quality Window Downtime application provides the capability of capturing accurate information about each downtime event.  Just as important as capturing actual “Root Causes”  for downtime events is having actual durations of the events.  Quality Window can be configured a number of ways to assist in the capturing times accurately like interfaces to Automation systems […]

Determining Storage Requirements for QW Applications

We are often asked by IT Departments for estimates on how much storage (disk) space QW Applications require so we created this outline for calculating an estimate. For the purpose of this estimate here are the givens: Note: Individual fields can be defined with differing lengths – for this example we made them the same. […]

Pivoting Your Data in Quality Window

Sometimes the data you collect in Quality Window does not conform to the way you’d like to analyze it. This is where Views, and in particular the Pivoting function may come in handy. Let’s look at the Process Monitoring sample application where records were entered at a certain sampling plan for each Team (V5) and each sample was measured […]

Accessing Quality Window data across the world!

So you have collected valuable data using various Quality Window applications such as quality, process, product and raw material data creates a vast reservoir of data that is easily shared by local users.  But what about external needs like head office and sales office users or even customers and suppliers?  The speeds and availability of the Internet globally […]

Quality Window – Where do you start?

Dealing with customers, I am always amazed as to what they are doing with Quality Window or what they want to do.  The following is just a few examples of some of those moments. On the personal side, I have been told Quality Window can take credit for a birth or two.  I spoke to […]

Quality Window – Why do you need it?

The simple answer is Quality Window allows you to develop and implement solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and terminology in sometimes minutes but realistically hours or days.  These solutions or applications are typically created and maintained by the actual departments or users that create them.  This means no priority lists required for changes, […]

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