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The Log Sheet is your starting point when a Quality Window application is first opened.

From the Log Sheet you can go directly to the following charts and screens:

Summary Screen

Control Chart

Relate Chart

Compare Chart

Prioritize Chart

Trieto Chart

Report Screen

Add Screen

The colors displayed on the Log Sheet represent the chart zones that the data point falls in.








The QW Log Sheet Screen is the replacement for the traditional testers or operators paper log sheet.  This electronic spreadsheet is used to review all entries made or calculated for each variable in an application and also to select individual records for editing or deletion.  The screen is a moveable window that allows you to scan the complete electronic log sheet which can hold an unlimited amount of variables wide and an unlimited number of records deep (dependant on system memory).

The current PC System date and time are displayed at the bottom right of the Log Sheet in the status bar.

The Log Sheet screen contains one column for each variable defined in an application template.  The width of each column, variable titles and the sequence of variables are obtained from the application template as defined by QWSETUP-APPLICATIONS.  The variable title or description can be broken up onto three lines by using the underscore character "_" in the description. 

The line under the three lined description is used to display the Date and Time format, set in Options - Date/Time Formats, as well as the Target value for any numeric variables (field types N,C,A,R).

Under the variable target line is the variable reference or V numbers for each variable in the application template.  These variable reference numbers are important as they are used in calculated, popup and lookup variables to tell QW where information is to be obtained.  These V numbers are assigned sequentially as variables are defined in QWSETUP-APPLICATIONS. 

All numeric data, calculated or entered, is displayed in QW's  intuitive color scheme to give a clear view of each variable relative to its targets, control and specification limits. Black is used to display text, popup and lookup data, identifying them as non-chartable data or numeric variables without any limits set.

How to Use this Screen

To move around the Log Sheet screen use the scroll bars located to the right and below the screen.  You can use the scroll bars to position the cursor on individual variable values.  Once you have positioned the cursor on a value for a variable you can then access other screens that make use of the Positional Cursor feature such as the Chart or Edit data screens.  In the case of the Edit data screen, QW will position the cursor on the variable you were pointing to on the Log Screen making sure you are viewing the variable and value you expected.

To help you navigate your way around the Log screen there is reference information QW displays to help you.  By default a QW application template displays the last 100 historical records.  The "Record  X of Y" display in the top right of the screen tells you what record you are currently positioned on.  The variables you lock on the left side of the screen gives you a constant reference as you move around the Log Sheet screen.  The variable description and V reference numbers are also a good way to understand your current position in the Log sheet.

Adding Records

A record can be added by clicking the Add tab located at the bottom of the screen or by right mouse clicking and selecting Add Record.

Editing Records

To edit a record you can double click the record, or, position the highlighted cursor on the record to be edited, right mouse click and select Edit Record.  The Edit Data screen will be displayed with all the information.

Inserting Records

A record can be inserted between any two records in a QW file.  Just position the highlighted cursor on the record you wish to insert a record before, right mouse click and select Insert Record.  The Insert Data screen will be displayed.

The date and time on the Insert Data screen will be halfway between the two records this record is to be inserted between.  You can edit the date and/or time to any value as long as they are between the previous and next records.

Copying Records

A copy can be made of any record currently in memory (record X of Y).  To copy a record position the highlighted cursor on the record to be copied, right mouse click and select Copy Record.  The Copy Data screen will be displayed with all the information from the source record that was copied.  The copied record will be added to the end of the QW data file with the current system date and time.

Deleting Records

To delete a record position the cursor on the record to be deleted, right mouse click and select Delete Record. You will be request to confirm the deletion.

Navigating the Log Sheet

Previous Variable

Clicking on moves you to the left one variable.

Next Variable

Clicking on moves you to the right one variable.

Quick Jump

Clicking on displays a dropdown list of variables to which you can move to directly.

Log Sheet Colors

QW 5 offers 2 choices of color schemes which can be selected from the Options Menu:

Classic Color Scheme

New Color Scheme

Log Sheet Options

Freeze Column

The Freeze Column option sets the number of non-scrolling columns on left side of the Log Sheet.

To set the Freeze Column:

  1. Click on the column you wish to freeze
  2. Select Options / Log Sheet / Freeze Column

You can permanently lock the position of a number of columns on the Log Sheet so that as you scroll to the right and the locked columns stay in place.  Refer to QWSETUP-TEMPLATES-GENERAL for details on locking the position of variables on the Log Sheet.

Show Target

Shows the target value for all numeric, average, range and calculated variables.