Prioritize Chart

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The Prioritize screen give a quick visual synopsis of how the data for a chosen variable is doing relative to other variables.

Clicking on Make Primary moves the currently selected column to the right of the Variable Name column. The Sort Order chosen from the Variable Name column is applied to the new Primary column.

Note: Choosing Cr and Tz as statistics automatically changes the Control chart to a Hat chart at the bottom left of the screen.

Depending on the statistics chosen, a highlighted value means that an exception has been encountered.

If a Rule statistic (Violations or Symbols) has been chosen and the variable has violated a rule the Rule name (3up) and rule definition (The last three points entered are greater than the Upper Warning limit (Yellow)) is displayed.

By clicking on the Variable Name column header you can choose what, and how, the data is displayed on the Prioritize screen.

Select Values to display the actual value of the chosen statistic

Select Percent to display the value of the chosen statistic as a percentage.

Choose either 1, 2 or 3 columns to be displayed to the right of the Variable name.

Choose whether the value of the statistics are to be display

  • from highest to lowest (Descending)


  • lowest to highest (Ascending)

Choose whether null values are to be displayed on the Prioritize screen.

The variables displayed in the Varaible Name column can constrained using the Filter Variables option.

Example: To view only variables containing the word weight