Trieto Chart

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The Trieto Chart screen is three pareto charts combined on one screen giving you three different views of your data

Frequency - the number of events (automatically calculated by Quality Window)


any other two numeric or calculated variables

The Trieto Chart is accessed by selecting a variable on the Quality Window Log Sheet and clicking the Trieto tab.

Clicking on the A-Z buttons will sort the column values in ascending/descending order.

Right-clicking on the first column allows the user to quickly Filter out individual values.

The rightmost column on the Trieto Chart screen is MCTBE (Mean Calendar Time Between Events) which is calculated as:

Sum of Time Between Each Event

The Number of Events -1).


The Trieto Chart is used to help you understand the specific causes for failure.  When used in combination with Views, events based on a simple selection can be analyzed - "all causes of failures", or more complex selections such as - "all mechanical causes of failure while the A Team was working on the 3-11 shift".

Trieto Options

The data on the Trieto screen can be displayed with:

- numbers only

- numbers and precentages

- with or without the Interval Chart/Frequency Histogram /Interval statistics box shown