Using The QW Path Environment

QW5 Help Files

The QW50PATH environment variable can be used to point to any drive and folder containing your QWRULES.SYS, QWUNITS.SYS and QWSTATS.SYS files.

To set the QWPATH environment variable:

  1. Right mouse click the My Computer icon
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click the Advanced tab
  4. Click the Environment Variable button
  5. Under System variables click New
  6. Enter QW50PATH in the Variable name field
  7. In the Variable value field enter the drive and folder name containing your QWRULES.SYS and/or QWUNITS.SYS and/or QWSTATS.SYS file(s)
  8. Click OK
  9. On the Environment Variable screen click OK
  10. On the System Properties screen click OK