What Is QW5?

QW5 Help Files

We call Quality Window (QW) the "find it and fix it" or the "control it and prevent it" software. 

That is because QW helps to "find" or identify variations or events in a process or product so you can better understand and "fix" or "control" or "prevent" the cause of these process upsets.  By combining a software product that is easy to understand and use with a proven methodology, Quality Window can deliver powerful results that meet the needs of all areas of an organization.

For example:for the process operator/quality assurance/maintenance personnel QW is an easy to use and understand tool that is configured to their needs so they can understand and improve their process'. They get immediate feedback on the data they enter, giving them a clear indication of what and where problems exist.  As they are the people entering and using the information they quickly assume ownership of the tool, which is essential to any sustained improvement effort.  An operator can be using and understanding QW with as little as a half hour of training on its use.

The QW coach/system integrator see Quality Window as an excellent method of applying SQC/SPC methods to the factory floor in an easy to understand way.  Quality Window provides these people with a tool that can create customised applications that "wrap around" existing work systems.  The most important benefit of QW is that it is a "rapid change tool".  This means as quickly as things change on the factory floor QW can be changed without delays or loss of data.  QW can also accept data from other systems/devices as well as hand its data off to other systems,  eliminating the need to re-enter data.  As one coach put it "Using it (QW) is a way of life that helps us make the best product possible for our customers".

To the business owner/manager Quality Window supports efforts in the measuring, controlling and improving of processes that will deliver improved quality and reduced costs of manufacturing.  It moves the "quality control" efforts out onto the factory floor to catch problems early and instills ownership of the process and data in the personnel of the factory floor.  A general manager of one company stated "Never have I seen such enthusiasm from operators for any improvement tool .... we just continue to reap the benefits from using it (QW)". 

Quality Window combines the power of statistics presented in an easy to understand format that lets the user focus on the problems rather than interpreting and understanding the statistics. 

QW 5 is the latest version of the Quality Window data viewer which allows you to view your data using the following charts and screens to help you  control your process and prevent unwanted waste and downtime: