Average Variables

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An A-average type variable is used to collect a set number of values and then return the average of the values entered.  The A-average type variable works with the R-range type variable to return the range of the values entered for the average.


Average information is entered through the Add, Edit, Copy or Insert screens.  Average type variables can be charted, used in calculations and can have rules and limits assigned to it.  The length of the variable must include an allowance for a decimal point and sign if required.


The No. of Values to Average prompt is used to indicate the number of values that are to be averaged and the size of the popup window on the Add/Edit/Insert/Copy screen.  This value must be greater than 2.  Once the values have been entered in the popup window the individual values are discarded and only the average is maintained.  


A second method of calculating an average is through the use of a C-calculated type variable using the @AVG function.



For A-average type variables Standard Deviation is multiplied by the square root of the No. of Values to Average (sample size).