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Popup Data View

The Popup Data View option is used to add, change or delete the information in a Popup Selection file.


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Popup files are sequenced based on the key value.  In the case of a multi-level Popup File the sequence of the file is based on the first two digits in the key.  Each subsequent pair of digits indicate a level under the previous two digits.


In our example a Popup Level  value of 10 indicates the Area - Mixer.  Under the Mixer we have a number of 4 digit values that are the Reasons under the Area - Mixer.  The actual causes are the 6 digit codes, but the first four digits indicate the Area and Reason they belong to.


In summary, a two digit Popup Level value indicates an Area.  Four digits a Reason for an Area.  Six digits a Cause for a Reason for an Area.


If you want to put a description in for an Area then you would enter it in the Popup Field for a two digit Popup Level value.  In our example The Popup Code value 10 is the Mixer Area.  The computer sees the Mixer as 10, for searching and sorting, and we see it as Mixer. 



To put a description in for a Reason you must indicate which Area it is for and then include the two digit Reason value and then type in the description you wish to assign.  1010 is Electrical for the Mixer.  2010 is the Electrical Reason for Area 20 which is Injectors.  Notice that 10 is the Electrical code for both Areas.  It is important to maintain this consistency.


Popup Code

The label used to reflect the Popup Question Levels column of the Popup Design View.


There are always 2 digits for each Question Level on the Popup Design View.



The label that reflects the first Popup Field defined on the Popup Design View.


Reason Code Lookup

The label that reflects the second Popup Field defined on the Popup Design View.


Notice the values in the Reason Code Lookup field.  These values are assigned to permit the selection of a Tri-eto Chart by Reason - Electrical, Mechanical, Control System and Operational.  Because of the way the three level codes are constructed the Reason codes are dependent on the Area they are within.  This would only let you display data by Reason code with Areas.  To overcome this we use the technique of assigning a two digit code to the four digit Area Reason combination.  Within QW we use this two digit code to reference a different Popup file called Reason Code Lookup.  It then appears on the Tri-eto Selection screen as a separate selection.  


This is a very useful technique that allows you to obtain the information in the format you require.  The most important thing is to first identify this as a need when you are creating the Popup.