QWAdmin Help Files

The security data screen is where the User Name, Password, Status, Expiry Date and User Identification are entered for the people you wish to have access to the Quality Window application data.


Once this information has been entered, access to the data entry screens in Quality Window can be set depending on the Security options set for the particular application template.


User Name

A unique identification for each individual


Example: John


Access to the Security section of QWAdmin can be restricted by adding a Userid of ADMIN and a password.



The private set of characters associated with the User Name


Example: lab9182




The Userid status character


A must be entered to make the current Userid active. 


I must be entered to make the current Userid inactive. 


If a user enters an invalid password three (3) times their Status automatically becomes Inactive.


Expiry Date

The date after which the Userid becomes invalid. The format of this field is YY-MM-DD.


When the current system date is greater than the expiry date the user will be prompted to enter a new password  and a new expiry date will be created with a date equal to todays date + 40 days.


Clicking on the  will display a calendar from which the Expiry Date can be set.




Us the left arrow key  to move back one month at a time.


Us the right arrow key  to move forward one month at a time.

Us the up and down arrow keys  to ahead or back, respectively, one year at a time.


Click on the date to make it the Expiry Date.


Click on the Clear button to remove or reset an existing Expiry Date.



User Identification

The individuals name


Example: John Smith