How do I enter my Quality Window License number that I received?

If you were using Quality Window in trial mode (30 day free trial) and have purchased a full Quality Window 5 license then you must Register the licence number in Quality Window.  First you should understand there are two types of licenses available for Quality Window.

First is the single user license and this means you receive from Busitech one license number (format XXX-XXXXXXXXX-XXX) and you may register and use one copy of Quality Window.

The second option is to have a server based license that would be set up typically by your Network Support or Administrator and this would allow a pool of licenses to be shared between a group of Quality Window users.  For example if the license server contains a 10 seat Server License then up to 10 people could use Quality Window at the same time.  If an eleventh user tried to signon a message would be displayed stating that Quality Window was not available to them at that time.

Ok now let’s get to Registering a license in Quality Window.

  1. Startup Quality Window and click Cancel on the Begin Screen (lower right).
  2. Now click on Help under the QW 5 logo at the top of the screen

3.  Now click on the Register QW 5 option and the following screen will be displayed.

If you purchased a single user license check Enter Single User License Number and enter the license number issued to you by Busitech (remember to include the hyphens in the license number).

If you purchased a server license check Enter Server Address with Port Number and enter the IP address, or domain name, of the server followed by a colon (:) and the Port number assigned to the license server.

Enter your company name and your name.

Click OK.

An alternative to manually entering your Quality Window license information is to create and save a QW.LIC file in the folder where Quality Window is installed (usually C:\Busitech\QW50).

If you purchased a single user license the QW.LIC would contain the following information:

   LicenseNo = 104-xxxxxxxxxx-xxx (your license number)
   RegName1 = Your Company Name
   RegName2 = Your Name

If you purchased a server license the QW.LIC would contain the following information:

   LicenseNo = 123.456.789.012:5555 (the IP address/domain:port # of your license server)
   RegName1 = Your Company Name
   RegName2 = Your Name

Start Quality Window and the information will automatically be inserted into the Registration screen and the QW.LIC will be erased.

Please note that if the user does not have enough rights to write to the system registry, the license may not be saved. In this case, a user with administrative rights would need to run QW and enter and save the license once.


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