Is there hidden treasure in your corporate databases?

Good data is the basis for making all your important business decisions.  What if you had the data but just could to get at it or see it?  Vast quantities of data is hidden away in large corporate databases that are difficult to access for most people who wish to use the data.

The QWSQLWizard utility that comes with the QW5 product can help you to unlock this very valuable data.  Once a SQL query statement has been defined you can access the data in any SQL type database and make use of the data.  The initial setup may require some assistance for your corporate database administrator but once done you can create “on the fly” QW5 applications to see the data previously inaccessible to you.

You can view this data using all of the QW5 tools at your disposal like charting manufacturing related data like defect rates by product or production line.  You can also use the QW5 Tri-eto screen to review downtime and defects data collected by automation systems and stored away in these databases.

We have a customer that used this capability to explore their machine downtime data.  They discovered and eliminated issues in the manufacturing process that resulted in tremendous productivity gains.  Using the data collected from their automation systems and viewing it in QW5 allowed them to explore the data in ways they could never do before.

Remember this data is free…you already have it…so why not use it!


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