Is your critical data backed up properly?

You do not want to find out the hard way.

A recent discussion with a customer about hard drive that contained all their QW 5 Application files was damaged the result of a power outage.  The customer was hoping there was some way of recovering the files – 5 years of production data.  We browsed their harddrive and files are gone.  The customer then found out that the regular nightly backup did not include the QW 5 applications…not what you want to hear when you have an issue like this.

So I encourage you to review your backup procedures and verify these files are being stored safely away.  In recent releases of QW 5 the QWAdmin asks if you wish to archive an application prior to saving the changes being made.  This is a good practise as well as it stores the old application files in a directory beneath the current data directory.  This does not replace a good backup strategy as it only provides a backup when changes are made.

For QW 5 applications there are multiple files associated with a single application so you must backup them all at the same time.  You don’t want an application template – the definition file – out of sync with the data file.

How often should you do a backup?  Well how much data are you willing to lose? Typically an overnight backup is normal but for high volume critical data shiftly might be a better strategy.

Verify your backups are being done..what have you got to lose?  Just all your data if you don’t!

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