A Directory of QW5 Modules

You may be wondering what all those extra programs are for that are in the QW50 directory.  Typically you would only use the QW.EXE and QWAdmin modules.  The additional modules were created to accomplish specific tasks.  They can be used to create custom interfaces for QW 5 applications or Export QW 5 data to another format like Excel.  Take a look through this list that has a brief overview of each module.  You may just find a tool you were looking for.  If you are not sure it is what you need just contact us and we would be happy to answer your questions.

Program Description
QW.exe The main Quality Window program
QWadd.exe Tool to Add records to a QW 5 Application externally – QWScheduler and Scripting
QWAdmin.exe Used to create and maintain Quality Window applications, Rules, Popups, Security settings and Unit of Measure definitions
QWAppl.exe Used internally in QWAdmin
QWGlobal.exe Used internally in QWAdmin
QWPopup.exe Used internally in QWAdmin
QWBackup.exe Creates backups/archives of Quality Window applications
QWCheck.exe Checks and possibly repair Quality Window applications
QWCheckForUpdates.exe Checks for new versions of Quality Window
QWConCom.exe Used internally in QW5
QWDataClient.exe Used in conjunction with QWDataServer (sold seperately)
QWDataHubAppGen.exe Used with QWDataHub(Sold Separately) to create QW 5 applications from QWDataHub sources
QWDebug.exe Used to trace and trap errors while an application is open
QWFilePack.exe Creates a Zip file containing all files associated with Quality Window applications
QWFileSync.exe Sync Quality Window data between two computer using the QW 5 Transaction Log file
QWFileSyncAdmin.exe Configuration utility for QWFileSync
QWLaunchTray.exe Configure and launches programs from System tray
QWMerge.exe Combines data from multiple Quality Window applications based on date and time
QWReport.exe Commandline reporting from Quality Window – run reports external for Quality Window – script/Batch files
QWRS232.exe Collects data via RS232 compliant devices and makes it avaialble to the Quality Window Add screen as default values
QWRS232Admin.exe Administration module for QWRS232
QWSchedule.exe Define and run tasks unattended based on a schedule or events – can be used to collect automation data
QWSQLWIZ.exe Develop SQL statement to create an On-the-fly QW 5 application – this application, with the SQL Statement, can then be saved to be reused in the future
QWSumStat.exe Summary statistic reporting tool using multiple Quality Window applications to create custom outputs (HTML,Excel, PDF, HatChart)
QWTrigger.exe Counts time between two states for a value(PLC Address) the accumulated time is then used in QWScheduler for the duration of a downtime event
QWUtilities.exe Various utility programs (Export data, Move- Archive,Reorg-recalulate calculated and Popup variables and removes deleted records)
QWVersion.exe Compares and displays versions of Quality Window files installed vs shipped. Useful when troubleshooting and contacting Busitech Technical Support
QWXLtoQW.exe Imports Excel data and creates On-the-fly Quality Window application or appends to an exisiting application
QWXML.exe Used internally in QW5

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