About Busitech

Add power to your data.

Welcome to Busitech, a Canadian software company doing business in over 70 countries.

Busitech’s expertise is in data analysis and statistical process control software. We realize that may sound just a bit dry, but another way of saying it is that we help manufacturing companies improve quality and identify production trends before they become problems.

Busitech is about helping you reduce your rejects

Corporate Profile

In today’s competitive global environment, the line between success and failure is very fine indeed.

Busitech’s expertise is in helping companies fine tune their manufacturing process, limiting errors, improving quality and generally working smarter.

Add power to your data Over the past two decades, Busitech has developed a number of software programs to accomplish these objectives. These programs all support the philosophy that in order to improve a process you first must understand it. At the core of our software is a number of statistical and charting tools that make analyzing data a simple and easy task.

Busitech’s flagship program is called Quality Window. This comprehensive data analysis program was developed by Busitech in the late 1980’s and is currently in its 7th release, Version 5.0. Quality Window is installed and running in thousands of manufacturing plants in over 70 countries.

Quality Window has since been joined by a number of companion products to make up the Quality Window Suite of Software. Each companion program extends the usefulness of Quality Window, but can also be used as a stand alone application. QWXL 3 is an add-in that offers a simple one-click access to QW charting tools for Microsoft Excel® users. You can learn more about each program by visiting the Software page.

Busitech continues to build upon its knowledge and expertise in the field of analyzing process and event related information. Much of the company’s efforts remain based in research and development activities, as it explores ways to incorporate new concepts with some of the top quality managers for leading manufacturers around the world.

Busitech corporate profile