Disabling the F9 Copy Feature on Add

There are two ways to to disable this feature on the Add screen. First, individual workstations bring up the Add Data screen and press the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F9 together.  This will toggle the feature on and off.  A message will be displayed on the screen indicating the current status of the feature. You would need to do […]

Statistics In QW5

QW5 Help Files This section is intended to provide a definition of terms used in QW 5 as well as information on the calculations and rules followed by QW 5 in developing the statistics that appear when a graph of a variable is displayed. These calculations are based on having a fixed USL, LSL and […]

New software builds and updating QW5

We update the software with new builds every few months which contain a number of updates and patches that can help you get the most out of the QW5 software and avoid issues in the future. It is important to ensure your Quality Window 5 (QW5) product is up to date in terms of maintenance releases. Read on […]

Viewing data in SQL Databases using QWSQLWizard

There is a easy method of accessing valuable data locked away in your SQL databases.    Using the QWSQLWizard Utility you can access that data and present it in the QW5 “look and feel” helping you to unlock the secrets hidden in the data using the QW5 Analytical charting tools. To accomplish this you will need an extraction tool […]

Using Windows Active Directory Authentication for Security

In the QWSecurity feature of QW5 there is an option to user the Windows Active Directory authentication for User Id’s and Passwords.  Here are the steps to accomplishing this: Create the Active Directory User Id’s and Passwords that  you wish to use in QW5. Add the same User Id’s to the Security database in QW5 […]

Managing Resource Files in QW 5

The Shared Configuration Manager Utility (QW5SharedConfig.exe) assists QW5 application administrators with the task of centrally locating, managing and sharing resource files for all QW 5 users. The Utility allows for the managing of the following Quality Window resources files:  Rules definition file – defining and prioritizing Control rules used by the Summary(Alarm) screen  Statistics definition […]

Licensing options for Quality Window 5

There are two main types of licensing for the QW 5 Product. Standalone Dedicated workstation licenses Concurrent Licenses Standalone Workstation licenses: This type of license is  dedicate to a specific workstation. It is best suited for workstations used by what we call “primary users”.  These are users that must have QW 5 available to them at […]

An important new build of Quality Window 5 (805) is now available for downloading.

Our latest build QW5 (805) is now live. We strongly recommend you download and install this release.  Remember maintenance releases are always free. Recent updates to operating system network protocols on servers may cause data integrity issues related to the reading and writing of QW5 Application files.  This release of Quality Window, build 805, addresses these […]

Creating a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Certificate of analysis is an important component of your manufacturing process and your continuous improvement efforts.SQC/SPC software – Quality Window 5 (QW5) is an excellent tool for the collection and monitoring of manufacturing data based on specifications and is a key component to creating a Certificate of Analysis for your process.  QW5 is the auditing […]