Charting MS Excel data with QWXL 3

By default MS Excel is the go to tool for collecting and storing data. It is easy to setup and maintain by the creator and provides a great repository of data. Now what do you do with all that data? Some people just store it for future use, some use it to create reports, and others want to chart it, analyze it and drive the decision making process. Well, Excel provides a charting capability to assist in the process but it is not ideally tailored to specific needs.

QWXL 3 provides the ability to use the data locked away in the Excel worksheets and provide a simple to use but powerful charting and analytical capability. By importing the data from the Excel worksheet into QWXL 3 you can have a variety of charts displayed in intuitive colours that are available to you in seconds.

Charting MS Excel data with QWXL 3

Explore data using Control charts, investigate correlations between variables, compare before and after events, view multi-variable charts as well as reviewing forecasts to when targets will be met. In addition, the unique Tri-eto screen is a powerful tool for ranking data in up to three Pareto charts for easy review and decision making.

The capability to set to and save actual limits (Specification, Control and targets) for individual variables provides a real world analysis capability not readily or easily available in other products.

Tied to the charting capability is a statistical engine that drives the summary statistics capability of QWXL 3. This engine provides hundreds of statistics for you to select from to match your specific needs. Statistics like Average, Mean, Cpk or CR for measuring variation in a process.

Whatever your needs are for charting Excel data, QWXL 3 can provide you this capability with just a few clicks of your mouse. Visit for details on the QWXL 3 product and download a free 30 day trial.

Unlock your data with QW6 SPC Software

Smart teams know the key to improved results is unlocking data that will show you where to look. Give QW6 a try for free and gain the visuals and statistics that can lead your path to success.

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