Commandline Installations

The process of installing Quality Window can be automated by creating a .BAT file.

Note: Commandline Installations require Quality Window version or higher.

Format: drive:\folder\installer file /Silent /[NoPrompt]=TRUE /InstallDir=install to drive\folder/[LicenseNo]=licensenumber /[RegName1]=companynmame /[RegName2]=username


 C:\Downloads\QW50Setup.exe /Silent /[NoPrompt]=TRUE /InstallDir=C:\Busitech\QW50/[LicenseNo]=123-123245667890-123 /[RegName1]=Bedrock Quarries Ltd /[RegName2]=Fred Flintstone


Parameter Required Description
C:\Downloads\QW50Setup.exe Y The full path to the installer file
/Silent N Use default selections
/[NoPrompt]=TRUE N Do not prompt to display release notes or introductory video
/InstallDir=C:\Busitech\QW50 N The drive and folder where Quality Window will be installed
/[LicenseNo] N The Quality Window License number
/[RegName1] N Your company name
/[RegName2] N Your name

Note the quotation marks () around the installer file and InstallDir parameters

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