Creating a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Certificate of analysis is an important component of your manufacturing process and your continuous improvement efforts.SQC/SPC software – Quality Window 5 (QW5) is an excellent tool for the collection and monitoring of manufacturing data based on specifications and is a key component to creating a Certificate of Analysis for your process.  QW5 is the auditing tool that helps to ensure results meet customer’s expectations and convey your results to your customer. Typically this is done through the use of a Certificate of Analysis document (COA).

QW5 provides a couple of ways to produce a COA based on the data that has been collected that can be sent to a customer..

Certificate of Analysis created using SQC/SPC software QW5

Get started creating your certificate of analysis

The first method involves using the Views option in QW5 to select the data required and then producing the COA using a Script (Macro) and HTML template that is customized to meet your report requirements.  This is explained in detail in the following article: Creating Custom Reports in Quality Window 5 (COA).

Busitech can provide custom scripting for SQC/SPC software solutions QW5
for your application, if you need specific functionality.

Also, you can check out another article (Generating a COA using the Process Monitoring application.) that explains the steps for producing your COA using one of our example applications in QW5 SQC/SPC Software.

A second method to creating your own COA

The second method, that is less technical, involves defining your COA’s directly in MS Word or MS Excel.  To use this method you must first check the build number of the QW5 you are using (Help-About) and it must be QW 5.0 build 774 or higher.

Here is a link describing this method and typically does not require any consulting time from Busitech to accomplish it. Creating COA’s using MS Word and Excel

Should you need help in creating custom reports, like the certificate of analysis, or any report for that matter, simply contact Busitech Support, and we can provide you with a quotation to accomplish your goal.

Creating Certificates of Analysis is just the tip of the iceberg for what QW5 can do for your Statistical Process Control (SPC), your Statistical Quality Control (SQC) or your Continuous Improvement efforts. Check out our solutions for other pain-points that you’re having like Process Monitoring, Event Tracking, or Downtown Management.

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