Customer Relationships – We are good and we can prove it!

We were recently contacted by the producers of Today In America TV, which is hosted by Terry Bradshaw, to offer a perspective on how North American manufacturers are working hard on continually improving their products and processes.

During this discussion I reflected on our role as developers of continuous improvement software in the manufacturing process.

The thought that I think best summed that up is “trust”

What we provide is a tool that manufacturers use to prove to themselves and their customers that “yes we can meet your needs…and we can prove it!

A manufacturer builds “trust” within itself by constantly monitoring products and process and the byproduct of this is less variation and fewer defects.  This translates directly to tremendous cost saving efficiencies and confidence in their product and services.

A manufacturer builds trust with their customers by demonstrating they can deliver on time with a consistent level of quality.  Their ability to minimize costs provides a competitive advantage on winning new business.

Former US President Ronald Regan I think summed it up best “Trust but verify”  You build “trust” through ongoing business relationships but you need data to “verify” requirements are being met.  In the manufacturing world the Certificate of Analysis, based on data collected, is the verification a particular product has met expectations.

We have seen many times a circle of trust between companies where our software solutions are at the heart of these relationship. The larger companies willing to work with smaller suppliers using our tools to improve suppliers products and processes leading to higher efficiencies and fewer defects in the products produced.

The secret to success in this relationship is consistent raw materials from suppliers (low variation) makes for higher productivity on customer production lines.  A win/win for both supplier and customer!

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