An important new build of Quality Window 5 (812) is now available for downloading.

Our latest build QW5 (812) is now live. We strongly recommend you download and install this release.  Remember maintenance releases are always free.

An important issue that this update addresses is to address the potential loss of changes when more than one user is editing a single record at the same time.   See below for details on the revisions to the Edit data screen which can also be used as a guide for users on what they will encounter with this change.

All workstations accessing the same application data will need to be updated together to ensure they are retrieving and recording the correct data preserving data integrity. It is important that due diligence in the testing of this new release be performed before deployment at your site.

Edit screen changes.

The first difference is that you will notice is that there are three column headings instead of two.

  • Variable – name of the Variable
  • My Value – these are the values you did or did not edit but will be used to update the application data file when you save it.
  • Current Value – these are the values that were loaded from the application data file when you selected Edit.  You can use these as a reference to better understand the changes you are making.


The additional change made to the Edit screen is to detect when two users are editing the same record at the same time and may result in one user having their changes overwritten by the other user.  The first user to save their edits will not see any differences.  When the second user saves their edits they will be presented with this message.

This message indicates that the record was changed by another user after you selected to edit the record.  Pressing OK will provide an option to save just your edits and not to overwrite changes made by another user.

Notice the new column “Keep My Value”.  You can now review the edits you made and click in the Keep My Value column beside the values you wish to save.  Remove any check marks for changes you do not wish to save.

To update the Application data file with just the changes with the check marks click on the Save tab or press F10.

Please head over to our downloads section and update to the latest version of QW5

Update Quality Window 5

Need help with your update? Check out our post about New Software Builds and Updating QW5.

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