Fixing the 2019 Date Validation Error

If you ever get the Date Validation Error of ‘Date must be between [2019-11-30 00:00:00 and …]’ while trying to Add a new record in Quality Window, this error typically occurs because you somehow have a null record in your QW database. The null records are generally caused by power interruptions on either the workstation or the server side, where the buffered data does not get fully written (think pulling a USB drive without ejecting it). Another cause could be interruptions in network communications (bad ethernet cable, bad switch, bad ethernet adapter), and even more causes if using WiFi (loss of signal, microwaves, cordless phones, etc…). The only way to solve the 2019 date issue is to remove the null record(s).

Check your QW50 folder and see if there is a program called QWCheck.exe
If there is not, then download it from here:

and save it to your QW50 folder.
Now double click on it to run it. Select the QW template that you are having problems with and click on Check.
It should come back and say that there were X null records found.
Click on Repair, and it will create 3 new files in the same folder with ‘_REPAIRED’ added to the filenames.
Make sure no one else has the template open at the time, and rename those 3 files back to their original names. Now try to add a record and it should be fine.

Note that QWCheck can also be used to detect duplicate records as well as records where the date/time is out of sequence.


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