Technical Support

We’re here to provide you with the support you need to get the QW 5 Suite of products installed, running and improving your data collection and analysis.

We have three levels of technical support to give you exactly what you need; Free technical support, Fee-based application support and consulting services.


Free Technical Support

This is telephone, e-mail or online interactive assistance for issues related to problems encountered or errors generated when installing or using current releases of the QW Software Products.

If you’re not running the latest release of Quality Window, please download and install it as this may resolve your issues.


Fee-based application support

An application is defined as a process created using a QW Software Product to meet a specific customer need. Examples of these definitions are Quality Window 5 applications, created using QWAdmin, for Product, Process and Quality Audits as well as Downtime, Defects and Waste for tracking losses.

Also included in the definition of application support would be custom developed scripts, reports, forms, programs, databases or interfaces that are not part of the generic software offerings from Busitech, even if they were originally developed by Busitech. Busitech is not responsible for future version compatibility of any custom developed scripts, reports, forms, programs, databases or interfaces even if they were developed by Busitech.

Please contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss your support requirements.

Before registering for fee-based support, check out our Knowledge Base for possible answers to your questions.


Rapid Response Pre-Paid Support

A Rapid Response Support Contract provides you with direct access to technical resources that can assist you in answering your requests and assisting you in achieving your goals quickly.

There are two forms of this Fast Response Support Account:

  • By individual request which means we will evaluate the request provide a time estimate and once payment has been received the work will be provided.
  • Pre-purchased 10 hours of Fast Response Support. It can used at anytime and the service can be provided without having to wait for payment processing.

The advantage to the Pre-purchase option is it provides the quickest turnaround on service requests and is at a reduced rate – a savings on the Individual Request rate.

Rapid Response Pre-paid Support is packaged in 10 hour blocks for $1,999.


Consulting or Custom Scripting

Sometimes you may need a little extra help to accomplish your goals and that is where the QW Experts at Busitech can help. We have done everything from custom interfaces to equipment to acquire data so you don’t have to manually enter it, to developing that special report that everybody wanted to see. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Our Consulting and Custom Scripting are billed at $225 per hour.