How to reinstall the QWXL3 toolbar button in Microsoft Excel

If you cannot find or have lost the QWXL3 toolbar button in Microsoft Excel, follow these simple steps to get you working again.

The QWXL3 addin and toolbar button can be enabled or disabled from the Microsoft Excel Add-Ins manager. If you are using a version prior to Microsoft Excel 12 (part of the Office 2007 suite), the manager can be found by clicking on the Tools menu and selecting Add-Ins. If you are using Microsoft Excel 12 or later, click on the Office Button and then click on the Excel Options button. In the Excel Options dialog window, select the Add-Ins option on the left. On the right, you will be presented with a list of add-ins currently installed. Underneath the list of add-ins there should be a drop down box labeled Manage. Select the Excel Add-Ins option and click on the Go button.

The Add-Ins manager dialog box displays a list of all add-ins with check boxes next to each item. Items containing a checkmark next to it are enabled. Ensure that the item “QW Charting Utility (Version 3.0)” has a checkmark by clicking the checkmark box. Click the Ok button.

The QWXL3 toolbar should now be visible.

Alternatively, ensure that macros are enabled and then open the “Getting Started with QWXL3.xls” spreadsheet that is located in QWXL3 installation directory. This spreadsheet contains an embedded macro that will automatically install and configure the addin and toolbar.

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