Language Options for Quality Window 5

The base language for Quality Window is English but there are ways to tailor Quality Window Applications to better meet local language requirements.  The three main areas are:

  • Base or support files
  • Quality Window Application – Variable names
  • Individual Variable Help files

Let’s start with some of the base files in Quality Window that can be converted to local languages:

Before making any changes to these files ALWAYS make a backup of the file first!

Popup Selection Files – typically you would create these yourself using QWAdmin – Popups for use in your Quality Window Application so they would be in your local language.  To make use of our example Popups just change the text as required using the Popup utility in QWAdmin.

Rules File – Rules are displayed on the Summary screen after new data has been added to an application.  The standard Rule set provided with Quality Window can be modified using the QWAdmin – Rules module.  Here you can change the descriptors and text for each rule as well as add, deleting and change the order of rules.

Statistics File (Windows/System32/QWSTATS.SYS) – the list of available statistics in Quality Window.  You should be very careful modifying this file as it is in a defined format.  You should only change the text to the right of DESCRIPTION = and ABBREVIATION =.  Do not insert a CR/LF (Enter or Return key) after the text.  You can use Windows Notepad to make these changes.

ALWAYS make a backup of the file first!

The file looks like this:
ID           = 1
DESCRIPTION  = Number of Points

Unit of Measure File – this contains a standard set of Units of Measure that can be assigned to each variable as a descriptor field.  The contents of this file can be modified using the QWAdmin – Unit of Measure module.  Here you can change the descriptors and text for each unit of measure as well as adding and deleting items for the file.

Quality Window Applications – Variable Names

You can define each variable name in a Quality Window using local language that will greatly increase readability for the people using the application.

If you are in a muti-language country or company and you wish to share applications between locations you can use Views to make this an easy and simple process.

For each language you require create a View with the variable names defined in that language.  When you wish to look at data from an English Plant, but you are Spanish, just select the Spanish View and the application will be displayed with Spanish Variable names.

Individual Variable Help Files:

For each variable defined in a QW 5 Application you can create a help file that can be accessed by pressing/selecting the Var Help button on the tool bar at the top of the screen.

When this key is selected for a specific variable, that has help defined for it, a screen of information will be displayed.   The information in this screen can be created in any language needed to support the application.

To make use of this feature first create your Help content using whatever tool works best for you…Word, HTML, EXCEL…  Then using the file name and extension update the Variable Definition in QWAdmin – Applications – Variables screen in the Help File field.

QW 5 will display the file contents using the associated Windows application for the file extension of the Help File you created for this variable.

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