Managing Resource Files in QW 5

The Shared Configuration Manager Utility (QW5SharedConfig.exe) assists QW5 application administrators with the task of centrally locating, managing and sharing resource files for all QW 5 users.

The Utility allows for the managing of the following Quality Window resources files:
 Rules definition file – defining and prioritizing Control rules used by the Summary(Alarm) screen
 Statistics definition file – manage default statistics to be displayed in QW 5 screens
 Units of Measure definition file – Manage Units of Measures used in QW 5 Applications
 Global Script file – set location of the global Script file to be available to all QW 5 applications
 Security Script file – Set location of the Master Security Script
 Security database – set location of the secuirty database to be shared by all QW 5 users

Once all the locations of default files are set the administrator can export the the configuration file to update each workstation running QW 5 to allow the sharing of the resource files.

A document out lining the use of the Shared Configuration Manager Utility can be found at this link QW5 Shared Configuration Manager Overview