New software builds and updating QW5

We update the software with new builds every few months which contain a number of updates and patches that can help you get the most out of the QW5 software and avoid issues in the future. It is important to ensure your Quality Window 5 (QW5) product is up to date in terms of maintenance releases.

Read on to get helpful tips on updating your built and what you need to do to ensure you’re software is update-to-date. Keep in mind, that our first step in providing support will be request that you update to the latest build.

How to I find my build number?

You can determine what Build number for your current Quality Window 5 product by following these steps:

  1. Start QW5
  2. Locate the HELP option in the top of screen
  3. Click on ABOUT QW5
  4. Your license number and build number will be displayed

What’s included in this update?

You can review the updates for this build and all past maintenance releases by reviewing our Maintenance Releases

Note: We recommended that you review all the release notes from your current build forward to determine if there will be any impact on your current use of QW5.

Can I get some help updating my QW5 SPC software?

To assist you in updating Quality Window software at your location, we have created a Updating Guidance Document as well as an Update Checklist for you to follow. You can find them at this link:

It is important that all installations of the Quality Window 5 product at a location be on the same Maintenance Release Build number. You may need assistance from your system administrator to assist you in this update if it affects other users at your location.

If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact us at

Visit the update download page

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