Quality Window Features

QW 5.0 is a powerful charting and analysis tool for anybody looking to analyze event based or process monitoring data. Users can directly enter data into a log sheet, and then review that data using a number of unique charting screens.

Add Screen in Quality Window SPC

Add Screen

The Add Screen allows you to enter data directly into the log sheet. Predefined pick-lists can be set up for selected variables.

Compare Screen in Quality Window SPC

Compare Screen

The Compare Screen allows you to split the data population of one variable into two separate data sets (timeframes), and compare the results for possible trends. A Dual-Histogram is provided as well.

Control Chart Screen in Quality Window SPC

Control Screen

The Control Screen offers an in-depth view of the data under one variable, and consists of a standard Control Chart, Histogram and over 50 statistical calculations. Limits are easily configurable.

Data Options available in Quality Window SPC

Data Options

Not only can you collect and analyze data using Quality Window applications itself but there are a variety of options that allow you to make use of the powerful visualization tools for data external to Quality Window.

Log Sheet screen in Quality Window SPC

Log Sheet Screen

The Log Sheet screen allows you to view the raw data, using intuitive colours based on limits for each variable. You can quickly navigate through this virtual view of information.

Prioritize Screen in Quality Window SPC

Prioritize Screen

The Prioritize Screen allows you to quickly focus on issues within the data through the use of Pareto charts based on three specific statistics. It identifies rule violations as well as highlighting summary statistics issues.

QWAdmin in Quality Window SPC


QWAdmin is the “rapid change tool” that is used to create and change QW 5 Applications. It allows you to not only create the application but also modify them “on the fly” with no data loss.

Relate Screen in Quality Window SPC

Relate Screen

The Relate Screen auto-correlates the data from one variable to all others in the application. A Scatterplot chart automatically provides a visual clue as to any significant relationships.

Report screen in Quality Window SPC


The Report screen allows you to view a quick summary of all the variables in the current application, with highlighted statistics pointing the way to values that are outside set limits.

Rule Violation Screen in Quality Window SPC

Rule Violation Screen

The Rule Violations Summary screen symbolically displays those variables for which QW has detected a Rule violation. If there are no Rule Violations detected a message will be displayed.

Supported Statistics in Quality Window SPC

Supported Statistics

Quality Window performs over 50 separate statistical calculations on your data, and displays the results in the Statistics Box of the individual Quality Window screens.

Trieto Screen in Quality Window SPC

Trieto Screen

The Trieto Chart screen is the key tool in event analysis process in understanding and eliminating costly losses in your processes.

Views in Quality Window SPC


The Views option in Quality Window is a method of creating many different looks for the same application that help you better understand what the data is telling you. You can re-order the variables, remove variables from a view, filter data to zoom in on specific situations and then store these custom selections to be used again in the future.