Add Screen

The Add/Edit data screen is an essential component for inputting data into Quality Window Applications and has a number of powerful features incorporated into it. Such as:

Manual data entry in a specific order

Record data through keyboard entry essential for ensuring all data, both Manual and Automated, can be captured in a specific order to match the process flow. You can re-define the variables in the screen using the Views feature. Here you can re-order the variables as well as hide variables as required.

Data Entry based on a pre-defined sampling plan – how often is data entered

A feature of defining how often each variable should have data recorded for it. Based on lowest sampling frequency for the data – ie 30 minutes. This allows for varying sampling frequency within on application. Furthermore, individual variables can be set as required or protected

Data validation

Options for defining – Specification, Control, Warning limits, both above and below target values as well as setting Minimum and Maximum values for data validation. You can also see all data at the time of entry based on intuitive colours defined by fixed or calculated limits. Instant recognition of the data.

Default values (Input/Output Values)

Method of defining default values based on repetitive entries or external data sources like Weight Scales and Automation Systems (Programmable Logic Controllers – PLC’s).

Structured Data

Structured data entry via use of pre-defined selection files (popups) and data formats.

Scripting Interfaces – both Visual Basic and Java

This provides the ultimate in interfacing capability. Custom scripts can be created to collect data from other sources as well as update external databases with Quality Window data.


The Add/Edit function can be disabled through the use of security settings allowing users to review without changing data.

Re-sampling of out of specification data

Re-test values that are found to be outside allowable limits. These results are recorded in a separate application and allow for reviewing of these outages and the action taken.