Data Options

Not only can you collect and analyze data using Quality Window applications itself but there are a variety of options that allow you to make use of the powerful visualization tools for data external to Quality Window. Please contact Busitech if you have any questions

Option 1: XL to QW Utility

Simply bring up an Excel Spreadsheet with data organized in columns and rows, a few clicks later and a Quality Window Application is created on the fly to view and analyze your data. You can then save the application and then add configuration information like Limits and you have a brand new Quality Window Application ready to use. This is a great conversion method for getting started quickly with QW when the data is in another format.

Option 2: QWScheduler Utility

This tool allows you to define the collection of data from external sources like Automation systems – PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) on a timed or event basis. The vast pools of data previously difficult to access and review are now made simple using QWScheduler which runs unattended, typically on a server, going about its tasks in the background.

Option 3: QWSQLWizard

Every company has valuable data sitting in a variety of databases that are difficult to access and make use of. Using the QWSQLWizard you can define standard re-useable queries that will create “on the fly” Quality Window Applications that allow you to see the data with many QW 5 visualization tools and then you can simply discard the data or save it for a more indepth analysis. Your choice!

Option 4 – Scripting using QWAccess

This developers tool provides direct access to the internal Quality Window data formats allowing for custom interfacing to existing systems and databases. For developers the only limitation to using this option is your own creativity. For non-developers that need that extra integration capability the staff at Busitech are available on a consulting basis to meet your exact needs. To learn more about QWAccess, explore our QWAccess page. Documentation and examples are included.

Option 5 – Collect data from external devices using QWRS232

This tool allows you to collect data from various measurement devices supporting the RS232 standard. Data collected can be inserted directly into your Quality Window application during the Add screen phase.