Prioritize Screen

The Prioritize View is the focal point of the four main charting screens in Quality Window. It is made up of three elements: the Trieto Chart, Histogram, and Statistics Box. It offers an immediate visual indication of all of the data based upon the criteria you chose to view. It is from this screen that you will decide how you will investigate further using the other chart screens.


A key element is the Trieto chart, which charts your variables by importance according to three chosen statistics.
The chart is pre-configured to display any statistical rule violations detected in the data. You change the chart to display different criteria, based on summary statistics, as well as re-configure the screen to display fewer columns, and/or filter the data.

Mini Control Chart

This mini control chart displays the last 20 points for the variable selected on the list of variables above.

Statistics Box

QW 5.0 performs over 50 standard statistical calculations on the selected data population, and displays the results in the Statistics Box in the lower right corner. The number of displayed statistics can be set by the users. Additional information is available on the Statistics page.