To make use of the many intuitive analytical tools available in Quality Window you must first create an Application. In QW 5, an application is a collection or group of parameters for which data is collected – like a specific size for a given product – Example: a new born baby diaper or 48 oz bottle of juice . Each of these Applications would have a customizable list of parameters or variables -(Shift, Speed, Temperature, Weight etc) and each of these variables would have settings (Lengths, Targets, Control and Specification Limits) that can be defined to meet their exact requirements.

NOTE: QWAdmin replaces QWSetup to address UAC (User Account Control) while running Quality Window under Windows 7 & Vista.

QWAdmin is the “rapid change tool” that is used to create and change QW 5 Applications. It allows you to not only create the application but also modify them “on the fly” with no data loss. Changes such as adding or moving variables within an application, as well as quickly changing specifications and targets when needed, is a breeze. Once created these Applications are accessible in Quality Window through the Begin screen.

QWAdmin is also used to create and maintain other functions such as:

  • Popup selection files
  • Control Rules
  • Unit of Measure file maintenance
  • Security Settings
  • Application Directory file maintenance