Rule Violation Screen

The Rule Violations Summary screen symbolically displays those variables for which QW has detected a Rule violation. If there are no Rule Violations detected a message will be displayed.

The Rule Violations Summary screen displays the numerical value entered or calculated for a variable through the use of colors, diamonds and arrows. The colors indicate the zone the value equates to:

Green on target and in control
Yellow in control but closer to a control limit than target
Red out of control but within specification limit
White out of specification limit

Rule Violations

To determine which Rule Violations are to be checked, QW reads the file QWRULES.SYS. This file contains all the Rules that have been defined in QWSETUP for all applications. The order in which the rules were defined in QWSETUP dictates the order in which the rules will be checked.

QW scans up to the current number of Records in memory, see RECORD X of Y in the Status bar, for each numeric or calculated variable to determine if a Rule has been violated. For example, to determine if a seven point Rule has been violated QW will scan backwards to find the last 7 non-blank points for a variable even if it means looking at 50 records to find the last seven points. QW will only scan up to the maximum number of records currently in memory.

Each variable for which a Rule Violation has been detected is displayed on The Summary screen as one line.

The top right corner of the screen contains a text description of the Rule Violation for the currently highlighted variable. The text description for each Rule Violation is defined in QWSETUP under the RULES option.

The symbols indicate the position of a point relative to the target line. A diamond means on target. An up arrow means above target and down meaning below target. The combination of both color and symbol gives you a clear view of where a particular point is positioned in the zones defined in QWSETUP for a variable.