Trieto Screen

The Trieto Chart screen is the key tool in event analysis process in understanding and eliminating costly losses in your processes. Its unique design provides you with up to three pareto charts combined on one screen giving you three different ways of ranking your data. Best used for event applications like Process downtime, Quality defects or waste, the Trieto uses the data collected through the use of Popups selection fields to drill down and play “what if” with your data. This powerful filtering capability provides tremendous insight to the interactions within a process. Combine this with the Interval chart in the lower left corner provides the detailed overview necessary to eliminate costly reasons for losses in efficiency.

Having up to three rankings of events gives you the unique ability to better understand “How bad is it?” by Quantifying the events three different ways. These three views help you make the right decision on what to work on.

The first (leftmost) column displays the summarized data for the variable selected from the drop down menu.
Frequency, the first Quantifying measure, is the number of events automatically calculated by Quality Window.

Two additional paretos are available for Quantifying events just by selecting the down arrow and picking two additional measures from the list of variables. Examples of two additional measures would be the “Minutes down” and “Cost of Event” variables in a Downtime Application. Selecting “None” will remove the pareto.

Two additional Qualifying measures can be set as defaults for the Trieto screen on the General screen in the QWAdmin utility.

The MCTBE column (Mean Calendar Time Betwen Events) is the event stop time minus the next event stop time.

The charts and statistics displayed reflect the currently highlighted selection in the first column.