QWDataHub is your central repository for organizing all your data sources like Automation data from PLC's and SQL Databases.

It provides you with a data dictionary of all your available data points organized by groups for easy understanding and simple access. Complete with a rapid development QW Application tool (QWDataHubAppGen) that can have you collecting and viewing data in minutes.

Adds speed and efficiency to your Quality Window applications

QWDataHub offers rapid development and deployment of cost-effective QW applications and enables the merging of manual and automated data for new insights into the manufacturing process.

QWDataHub works with what you have

We pull your automation data from virtually any process system, group it by source so you can use it in a manageable environment. Automation data accessibility is made easy with QWDataHub.

Some of the possible connections:

  • OPC
  • DDE
  • iFix
  • QW IO files
  • VBScripting calculated results
  • SQL databases

Secure Access through your network

QWDataHub provides secure network connectivity to your automation data via TCP connections giving business users access to the vast pool of manufacturing data.

QWDataHub by Busitech

Take a look through the features

  • Data Source Grouping
  • Tag Translation
  • Single-Source Changes
  • Managed Access
  • Secure TCP Access
  • Minimal Data Traffic
  • I/O Server Reduction
  • Calculated Tag Values
  • Rapid Deployment

* Click here for a technical overview for setting up QWDataHub Technical Overview (PDF)