QWDataHub Features

QWDataHub provides secure network connectivity to your automation data via TCP connections giving business users access to the vast pool of manufacturing data.

Take a read through the QWDataHub Features and get in touch with us for more information about how we can help you gain efficiencies in your environment.

Grouping by data source

QWDataHub identifies a data source like IOServer and allows for the setting of individual scan rates by Group multi-threaded processing

Tag Translation

Translation of complex PLC tags to easy-to-read reference names.

Single-source Changes

Allows for the changing of physical tag names and sources without affecting the use of the data accessed though tag aliases in downstream applications like Quality Window.

Managed Access

QWDataHub allows the administrator to control what tags are exposed, the naming of those tags for business users..making sure the right data is used for the right job!

Secure TCP bridged access

Ensures the security and integrity of the Automation data is maintained well opening up the data to business users. This allows QWDataHub to act as a TCP gateway to various QW users across the factory.

Minimize Data Traffic

QWDataHub is a “buffer” for realtime PLC data minimizing the impact on controls network through the use of unsolicited reads.

Reduce cost of I/O servers

QWDataHub acts as a single point of contact for PLC/Automation data and eliminates the need for one of more I/O Servers running on each workstation.

Calculated tag values via VBScripting

Increases flexibility and greatly reduces the need for specialized PLC programming. Perform unit conversions on raw PLC data to hand off to Quality Window.

Deploy rapidly with QWDataHubAppGen

By querying your running QWDataHub server, it retrieves all tag definitions and attributes for an easy build and fast deployment of of your QW applications.

* Click here for a technical overview for setting up QWDataHub Technical Overview (PDF)