QWDataHub In Action

QWDataHub is a powerful tool for many of our clients, but it's also flexible and versatile.

Below, we’ve included a few scenarios to demonstrate how our customers are using QWDataHub in their operations. Take a read through them and reach out to our team to get started with QWDataHub.

Customer Reporting & Verification

A Contract manufacturing site installed QWDataHub as a cost effective method to collect data from multiple automated sources and supplement manual data collection using Quality Window 5 to meet customer reporting and verification needs.

Accessing Automation Data made easy

A Consumer Products company specializing in diaper manufacturing wanted to expand their use of manufacturing data collected in Quality Window to improve their efficiencies by accessing automation data through OPC and RSLinx.

A wide variety of connection options

An innovative Paper Manufacturer wanted to capture key parameters on the start up of a new process using QWDatahub to access data through an OPC link to Metso Automation sources and view the realtime results in Quality Window 5.

A reduction in servers needed

A leading global non-wovens manufacturer consolidated their multiline data collection through QWDataHub and iFix minimizing costs by eliminating the need for multiple iFix servers. Delivering vital data to line operators through Quality Window 5 applications.

A better look at process data

Needing to align and cross reference their quality lab results with their process run settings, a recognized world leader in Incontinence and Disposable products turned to QWDataHub to collect process data through OPC and RSLinx. They then paired that data with their Quality Results in Quality Window 5 to gain better visual and statistical insight into the effects of process changes.

* Click here for a technical overview for setting up QWDataHub Technical Overview (PDF)