QWXL3 Features

The power of Quality Window's visual charting neatly packed into the familiarity of MS Excel®

QWXL 3 is a powerful charting utility for Microsoft Excel® that offers many features to help you unlock the power of your data. These include eleven different charts over 5 chart screens and over 100 statistical calculations.

Compare Screen in QWXL3

Compare Screen

The Compare Screen allows you to compare two separate time frames for an individual variable to help identify if a change has occurred in a product or variable. Included on this screen is a histogram and statistics.

Control Screen in QWXL3

Control Screen

The Control Screen offers a control chart, moving range chart and histogram in addition to several statistical calculations. The control chart displays your data over a colour coded overlay of your specification and control limits. Average is automatically calculated, and limit calculations and x-axis labels are easily customized from their defaults.

Forecast Screen in QWXL3

Forecast Screen

The Forecast Screen offers new Forecast Chart that provides the ability to set goals for a variable and then allows the viewing of data in the future to predict when, or if, a goal will be met. The chart allows for the exploring of both linear and exponential plotting of data to determine the best fit for the data.

Log Sheet Screen in QWXL3

Log Sheet Screen

The Log Sheet Screen takes the spreadsheet data and reproduces it using colours based on either calculated of fixed limits for each variable. If limits are saved they will be inserted in the first seven rows of the spreadsheet.

Multi-Line Screen in QWXL3

Multi-Line Screen

This new chart allows you to look control charts for two or more variables at the same time. It is similar to the Relate screen, yet more flexible as you can view more than two variables.

Relate Screen in QWXL3

Relate Screen

The Relate Screen uses two control charts to explore relationships between variables. It also offers a scatter plot and more statistics.

Report Screen in QWXL3

Report Screen

The Report screen provides you with a quick display of the summary statistics for the data you have selected. The values highlighted in light blue are to bring your attention to values that have exceeded a pre-set value. You can hover your cursor over a highlighted value to view the reason why it is highlighted.

Supported Statistics in Excel with QWXL3

Supported Statistics

QWXL 3 performs 100 separate statistical calculations on your data, and displays the results in the Statistics Box. These results can also be copied to the Windows clipboard and pasted into Excel®, Microsoft Word, or any other program.

Trieto Screen in QWXL3

Trieto Screen

The Trieto screen is a unique combination of up three pareto charts, ranking highest to lowest or vice-versa. It provides you with a simple way of ranking both text of numeric data for analysis, perfect for event type data like downtime or defects.

Working In Excel with QWXL3

Working In Excel

QWXL 3 offers advanced charting and statistical tools for any Microsoft Excel® user. Once installed, the program is actually launched via a handy toolbar icon right from Excel®.