Control Screen

The Control Screen is the first of five main charting views in QWXL 3. It is made up of four elements: the Control Chart, Moving Range Chart (which can be turned on or off), Histogram, and Statistics Box.

Control Screen in QWXL3

Control Chart

A key element is the Control chart, which charts your data over a colour coded overlay of your specification and control limits. Average is automatically calculated, and limit calculations and x-axis labels are easily customized from their defaults. Limits (spec, control, warning) can be fixed, or calculated using 3 different methods of determining standard deviation – Population, Lowest and Range.

With one glance the Control Chart gives you an indication as to how close you are to your target.

Moving Range Chart

Moving Range Chart in QWXL3

The Moving Range Chart plots your moving range of your population and can be toggled on and off in the main view. As with the Control Chart, you can use your cursor to move from point to point in the data population, with calculations for point value and range displayed below the chart automatically.

Histogram and Elevator Chart

Histogram and Elevator Chart in QWXL3

The Quality Window histogram chart departs from conventional “top-down” charts to show you the distribution of your data as it relates to each zone defined by limits. This chart features a dynamic positional cursor, as does the Control Chart, with related calculations appearing in the adjacent Elevator chart.

Statistics Box

Statistics Box in QWXL3

QWXL 3 performs over 100 standard statistical calculations on the selected data population, and displays the results in the Statistics Box in the lower right corner. The number of displayed statistics can be set by the users. Additional information is available on the Statistics page.