Forecast Screen

The Forecast Screen is the fifth of five main charting views in QWXL 3. The forecast screen helps you to identify when you might be able to achieve an objective based upon the historical data you have in your spreadsheet.

Forecast Screen in QWXL3

Control Chart

The Control Chart plots your data as a trend chart. This screen allows you to add estimated data points that are automatically based on historical trends.


Histogram Chart in QWXL3

The Histogram chart in the Compare Screen graphically displays the distribution of each of the two data sets as it relates to variance. This first set of data is represented in dark blue, the second in light blue. The Histogram also calculates a “t test” to determine if the Average of each data set is different, as well as an “F test” to determine if the variation of each data set is different. These results are displayed below the histogram.

Statistics Box

Statistics Box in QWXL3

QWXL 3 performs over 100 standard statistical calculations on the selected data population, and displays the results in the Statistics Box in the lower right corner. The number of displayed statistics can be set by the users. Additional information is available on the Statistics page.