Relate Screen

The Relate Screen is the second of five main charting views in QWXL 3. It is made up of three elements: the Control Chart, Scatter Plot, and Statistics Box.

Relate Screen in QWXL3

Control Chart

The Relate Screen features two Control charts, each charting a separate data variable over a color coded overlay of your specification and control limits. Average is automatically calculated, and limit calculations and x-axis labels are easily customized from their defaults. The Control Chart comes with 6 different standard deviation formulas: Population, Moving Range Estimate, Lowest Variation, Highest Variation, Lowest Average, and Highest Average.

With one glance these two Control Charts allow you to visually and statistically determine if there is a relationship between the two variables.

Scatter Plot

Scatter Plot in QWXL3

The Scatter Plot chart graphically shows the relationship between the two variables by taking the values of each data point pair and plotting them on an x y chart. Positive relationships are shown by a diagonal grouping moving from bottom left to top right, whereas negative relationships create a diagonal grouping moving from top left to bottom right. Weak relationships create a true “scatter” effect, with no discernible pattern. The limits for each variable are also displayed with colour coded bars.

Statistics Box

Statistics Box in QWXL3

QWXL 3 performs over 100 standard statistical calculations on the selected data population, and displays the results in the Statistics Box in the lower right corner. The number of displayed statistics can be set by the users. Additional information is available on the Statistics page.