Prove your ROI before you buy!

What if you knew the benefits that you based your project’s return on investment (ROI) on were achievable before committing capital dollars to the project? Whether your project is for reducing scrap, defects or downtime, being able to prototype your solution and prove your benefits in advance is in itself a huge cost savings in terms of capital dollars and effort hours.

All of the Quality Window suite of products come with a 30-day free trial period and we have been known to extend that period for customers working on those prototypes.

On a recent project where a user of Quality Window 5 wanted to prototype our QWDataServer product, sharing data across multiple sites, the prototyping went on for three months and became a success. We liked to consider Busitech a partner with our customers in there efforts to improve their processes.

In a second project, a customer retained us for a few hours of consulting to fast track a prototyping effort on creating Process Audits in QW 5 for one manufacturing line to decrease variation in the final product. Another success and they rolled the solution across all their lines.

The last example was proving the value of process data from automation systems on a production line using both QWDataHub AND QW 5. The goal was to supplement the data collected manually in a QW 5 application with the automation data available from the control system. The result was they found several interactions in the process that they were not aware of that led to significant decreases in defects and downtime. The trial version of QWDataHub along with their existing QW 5 installation allowed them to prove the benefits before purchasing QWDataHub.

So if you have a project and need a partner – let us know. We are great at minimizing your costs and risks as well as getting the results you want quicker.


Unlock your data with QW6 SPC Software

Smart teams know the key to improved results is unlocking data that will show you where to look. Give QW6 a try for free and gain the visuals and statistics that can lead your path to success.

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