Quality Window 5 versus QWXL 3 – which one is right for you?

A question we get asked often.  Here are a few points to help you make your decision.
Quality Window 5 provides you with a more fixed environment for developing applications that you want to deploy to other users like for managing process settings on the shop floor or quality management in the lab.  QW 5 gives you the ability to set formats and better error trapping for the inputting of data against set limits.  In addition the ability to create questions and provide lists of available answers (Popups) greatly increases accuracy and speed on the collection side and adds tremendous value to the data for analytical needs.  The instant understanding display of data using colors and intuitive formats as well as a proven work process methodology driven by the use of the Rule Alert Summary screen provides a simple but clear path for improvement.

Interfacing to devices like scales and other systems like automation systems and PLC’s (Programmable logic controllers) greatly increase the value and integration possibilities of the QW 5 product.  Accessing vast databases of corporate data previously not easily accessed are just a few keystrokes away through the use of the QWSQL Wizard utility.  It opens this data to the variety of analytical tools built into the QW 5 product and provides a common tool to viewing and understand data.

The rapid change capability of the QWAdmin utility program helps you keep up with the ever changing shop floor environment.  Along with the ability to hand off data to other systems and applications supports the Busitech philosophy “capture data once and use it many times”.

The QWXL 3 Excel Add-in product is the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use.  It takes all data in a rows and columns format and provides you with the instant understanding display of data using colors and intuitive formats that Busitech is known.  The single key access to a variety of analytical tools like the Control, Relate, Compare, Forecast and Muti-line charts provides an ease of use not found in Excel alone.

QWXL3 was specifically designed to work hand in hand with people who like to work within the Excel environment and don’t require the more formalized structure of QW 5.  The Excel data format being a standard for the sharing of data between people make the QWXL3 product a powerful tool to better understand the data in this shared data environment.  The ability to set limits (Specification, Control and Target) and save these limits within the spreadsheet goes a long way to making the data within an Excel sheet a more focused and informative presentation of data.  The powerful ability to analyze the data using the tools within QWXL 3 can provide tremendous insight into the secrets locked away in the data.

The interaction capabilities between QWXL3 and QW 5 applications such as the ability to import data from an Excel Spreadsheet directly into the QW5 product and create an application on the fly adds the flexibility of the two products.  The import ability makes the starting point for building QW 5 applications a much simpler task.  The QWXL 3 product has two additional analytical tools – the Forecast and Muti-line Charts and a simple copy and paste function from a QW 5 applications to an Excel spreadsheet quickly makes these available when data was collected in a QW 5 application.

Both Quality Window 5 and the QWXL3 Excel Add-in products provide great value and tremendous capabilities in meeting the needs for making use and understanding data easily and quickly.  The combination of the two products can satisfy all the needs you have for working with data as well as promoting a new way of understanding that data through the unique presentations of data that you come to expect from Busitech.

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