Quality Window Data Server

So you have data stored in Quality Window applications and you would like to share some or all of the data with others within your department, location or with different locations within your own company. In addition you may want to selectively share data with external parties like customers or suppliers. The QWDataClient/QWDataServer combination gives your this ability through a secure read only portal that you, as the Administrator, can assign User Id’s and passwords along with which applications each user has the ability to access.

QWDataServer provides fast responsive access to Quality Window Application data by filtering the data on the Server and then uses TCP to transport the data in a special QW 5 XML compressed format. The QWDataClient module, which ships with Quality Window 5 latest release, uncompresses the data and feeds it to Quality Window 5 where it is loaded and displayed in read only mode for the requestor, who can be in the next office or half way around the world!

You can also make use of Quality Window data created using our QWSQLWizard tool. These Quality Window Applications have the SQL Query statements embedded in them and are therefore available to any User that has access to these applications through QWDataServer. Another great way of making use of the data hidden away in your Corporate data bases.

The QWDataClient/QWDataServer combination provides a fast, secure and cost effective method for maximizing the use of your most valuable resource – DATA! Contact Busitech today for an overview and to obtain a free 30 day evaluation copy of the product.

Requirements and considerations for running QWDataServer:

  • Runs under Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
  • Memory 1 GB minimum
    • 2 GB recommended
    • Dependent on actual number of Concurrent users
    • Unlimited Quality Window Applications
  • Unlimited number of Users
  • Static IP address accessible to all QWDataClients both local and remote
  • Requires 1 TCP Port
    (default port 5000 set on install of QWDataServer)

    • Can be changed as required.
    • Selected TCP Port must be allowed in Firewall.
  • Default of 20 concurrent users (sockets) on default install of QWDataServer
    • Number of sockets can be increased/decreased using QWDataServer Admin utility
  • QWDataServer requires less than 100MB of disk space for operation *
    *(assuming Quality Window Application files are installed elsewhere)

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