QW6 Admin password recovery procedure

So, you have tried to login to the QW6Admin module and you have forgotten the password or the person who made the password is no longer available…what can you do.

Busitech has provided a method that will allow users who are a member of the Windows Administrator Group to access the QWAdmin module and create a new password.

Follow this procedure:

Attempt to enter the last know User Id and Password.

An incorrect entry will result in the following message.  Note: Make sure that the box with “Use Window Authentication” is properly set for your environment.  Turn it off if you do not use Windows Authentication and try your User Id and Password again.

After making a number of unsuccessful attempts click on the Cancel option – bottom right.

You will be asked if you wish to recover the Login Information – select Yes

You will now be prompted to enter the User Id and Password of a who user who is a member of the Windows Administrator Group for the Workstation or Group.  If you do not have these rights contact your IT support to assist you.

Once you have successfully gained access to the QWAdmin module you can select the Security Icon and update the Admin users password.

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