Runtime Errors in Quality Window 5 and QWXL3

Runtime errors in Quality Window 5 and QWXL3 do happen on occasion. The most frequently reported runtime error is “429 ActiveX component can’t create object”. This error can occur in a number of different scenarios with the most common being product installation problems or a shared file being unregistered or uninstalled by another software product.

The 429 error cannot be easily resolved on your own. Pinpointing the faulty component may require the help of Busitech support in order to track it down. As a first step, we have provided a simple utility program that you can download that will re-register all components in use by Quality Window 5 or QWXL3.

For Quality Window 5 navigate, using File Explorer, to the file QWReg.bat located in the same directory as the QW50 programs.  Typically C:/Program Files(x86)/Busitech/QW50 – 64 bit C:/Program Files/Busitech/QW50  – for all else.

Once you locate it, just double click it and a Window will open.  When the process of re-registering is complete the window will close.  Try to run the process that was generating the error again.

If the error is still present, you should contact Busitech Technical Support

QWXL3 Component Registration Tool: 
This self extracting executable will launch a simple script that re-registers all components in use by QWXL3. If a component cannot be registered, possibly due to a missing file, a message will be displayed instructing you to re-install QWXL3. To download the utility, click on the link below.

Download QWXL3 Component Registration Tool

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users may require administrative rights to run this tool. After downloading the tool, right click on the executable and select “Run as Administrator”. Failing to run the tool under administrative privileges will result in errors.

If the ‘429 ActiveX component can’t create object’ error occurs in QWAdmin and you are using a UNC path to your Popup files we suggest that you change the UNC path to a mapped drive path.

  • A UNC path looks like \\FredsComputer\Q\Popups
  • A mapped drive path looks like Q:\Popups

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